Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I been looking for this…. Question is have I found it?

No es Amor… es un Obsesion

I know yall remember this Aventura song from 2003… they played it at ALL the proms. lol

 So, I have a problem. Told yall I wasn’t lying to myself for 2012. But I’m sure that have an obsession with new things. Ideas and Objects... if it’s new to me and I like it… it consumes me. If I get the idea to color my hair, it’s all I research until I do it… which wont be a long time after cause only way to stop my obsession is indulge. I’m like this with men too. I can’t be the only one.

Someone said it’s the Capricorn in me. Whateva. I am a true one… sue me. But whenever I become interested in someone (which is rare), its like Im in a state of Disney movie endings. I am hearing birds chirping, smelling the life in the rain drops, twirling in the sunshine, and realizing the GunHills are alive with the sound of music. He is the ONE… but usually for no more than ONE month. Lol. It’s actually sad. Sometimes it’s something little that irks me to the point where I can’t even look at the person without my eye twitching. The way they wear their hat, the way they chew, the fact they type a word a certain way in text… and sometimes I just wake up over it all. For no reason what so ever. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t do the nasty with too many times last year. I know myself… Other than my ex-fiancĂ©, and the ex jawn… I am over a man almost as quickly as I feel for them. Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasted long than most of my “talking to” situations. So why I am going to give them all this magic (Yes… magic…Don’t debate me… I have references), when Ill probably make you disappear before the end of the show. That analogy made not have made sense to you, but it did to me, its my blog and I do what I want… 

So… what the solution you ask… how do I get past this problem? Yall know I don’t go the answers… so I don’t even know why you asking. But I will say this. I realize, most of these disposable men have little to no history with me prior to the infatuation… it was kind of a “we meet, we clicked” kind of thing. The ones who have stuck around, even if we aren’t still talking, built a relationship with before the sexual tension built up… so, when everything is said and for the most part done… I cant be over it all because you were important in my mind before you were important in my moot. So, maybe that’s the secret. Maybe I need that friendship shit before I get to the serious shit. Or maybe I’m gonna be flakey and single forever…

*shrug* as long as I got some wine and/or Hennesey I think Ill make it.