Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How soon is "too soon"

Y'all Know I love good convo over food. This was over House Lo Mein and Dumplings with my sister.

For the sake of discussion, lets pretend I am not a virgin...

If I start dating someone, not a friend or someone who has a lot of mutual friends, but someone who is a random person, or a friend to one person... how soon is too soon to have sex? Your casually dating someone, and like them. Want a second third or fourth date. Maybe even a relationship long run. How soon is too soon?

She said 6 months -____-

She says that that's ample time to know about their sexual history, their past, if their crazy, who their friends are, if the condom breaks and you get pregnant decide if you want to have a child with this person, blah blah blah...

I love her dearly, but lets not get crazy.


In my opinion, 6 months or 6 years, its take a lifetime to truly know someone and you still can't even know. People change... I was with David for almost 8, knew him for 10. I never knew he was this spiteful, petty and vindictive. That's not the person I agreed to marry. That's not the person I fell in love with. That's not the person I would of willing opened up my womb and risked stretch marks to bear his child. So why deprive myself of sex for so long to avoid this?

I'm not saying have sex with someone after 30 minutes, or have one night stands all crazy. I am so NOT about that life...


She said its different if you date someone your friends know cause its safer. I dont agree. No one goes around telling they friends all willy nilly "Son, just came back from the clinic, got that HIV but I'm still chillen" or "Yea, stalked the sh.t out the girl I'm dating last night. Followed her home and sniffed her panties while she slept" No one says that to their friends!!! And if he does, he needs to be committed. I don't think they more mutual friends you have the safer you are. Probably the more familiar. But not safer.

Like I said, I'm not saying be a Jezebel... BUT 6 MONTHS THO!?!?!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welp... Its in the Stars

I know some people think its ridiculous, and there are always exceptions, but I truly believe in the zodiac. Its not the only thing that determines out personality and characteristics... But If the full moons gravity can cause destructive tidal waves, you think be born under certain stars ain't gonna change your mental a bit?

Here is an exert from a site about Capricorn Women. Sound Familiar?

It is very difficult to define the characteristics profile of a Capricorn girl exactly. She can be the sexy babe on the beach or a scientist sitting in the laboratory, doing experiments that can save mankind. Whatever she is on the outside, when you look inside you will find a girl who looks for security, authority, respect and position. It is an entirely different matter how she seeks to achieve these goals. It may be as the president of a country or as the wife of an ambitious man. She seeks recognition and it doesn't matter how she gets it.

A Capricorn female is like that goat, which has to reach the top of the mountain. It doesn't matter what position she starts and how slowly she walks, she will be at the top much before those, who were running in front of her. She will do it with such subtlety that you wouldn't even know when she crossed all the milestones. She has her aims and ambitions, but they don't come before her family. She can enjoy the role of a wife or a mother as much as that of the CEO of the biggest MNC. However, you will have to provide her with equivalent respect and security.

Almost all the Capricorn women have immaculate etiquettes. They have an inherent sense of social elegance, modesty and conventional look. Though she looks completely calm, composed and balanced, don't think she doesn't have mood swings. She can become really depressed if she thinks that someone has misjudged or ill-treated her. In such a case, she may brood for months at a time. This stems from the fact that she does not feel as secure as she seems to be and fears being ridiculed or laughed at.

It is advisable not to tease a Capricorn girl; she may take it too literally. Though she may pretend otherwise, she seeks as much compliments as the other girls, probably even more. Show her that you appreciate her and make her feel secure. It will help her in opening up and showing her deliberately controlled passion. A Capricorn girl's personality doesn't include the trait of wishful thinking. She sees only those dreams that can be converted into reality. She enters a boat only when she knows that the waters are safe.

She will emphasize heavily on social etiquettes and you never see her serving the guests in anything but crystal cutlery. There will always be something fresh about her beauty and she will never ever be unattractive, even when she is wearing those hair-curlers. A Capricorn female will appear to be extremely confident, but inside she is quite unsure about her appearance. You will have to reassurance her time and again that she is attractive. She will always be honest and will expect the same from you.

At the same time, you will have to respect her family. Remember when you marry a Capricorn woman; you marry her family and relatives too. If ever you criticize her family members, better ensure that the criticism is constructive or she will never forgive you. Her love for you will never prevent her from taking care of her family. The plus point of this attitude is that she will be equally considerate towards your family too and give them the same respect as her own fellows. She will never mind if you cancel your holiday trip to pay for dad's operation.

The home of a Capricorn female will always be sparkling clean, that to with effortless ease. She is a realist and daydreaming is not her idea of passing the time. She has the ability to make even the dullest of surroundings looks warm and attractive, with her earthly passion. She will never stop you from dreaming, as long as there is bread in the house and the dreams have atleast some chances of turning into reality. As a mother, she will teach the kids discipline, economy, practicality, etiquettes and respect for elders. Make her feel loved, protected, needed and cared for and in return, she will support you in realizing your dreams and give you a deep, lasting love!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I cant smile all the time

Someone told me to change my pic on the side. They said "That was last May. Your a completely different person now. Plus that not you. Your always smiling"

I think I'm going to keep it. No shade, but sometimes I need a reminder some sh.t is just serious.

Plus. I look cute. LOL

Apparently, Females aint Low

I always say you can't play man's game...

As much as a female will deny and deny, and say we heartless and cold-blooded, we lying... C'mon mamita. You are....

We think emotionally and mentally, but that's what makes us US. Stop trying to play this game like a man for two reasons:

1- Your gonna get called a hoe(its inevitable, guys will call you a hoe for eating McDonalds oatmeal... you think they not gonna call you it for playing the field like them?)

2- Your gonna loose as if getting called a hoe isn't loosing already

I know I am emotional. I cry at coffee commercial (you know the Christmas Foldgers one with the brother coming home and making coffee with his baby sister? No? Oh... Ok) However I think logically. Through my tears or worry or craze, wheels are turning in my head and I am making the most logical decision. But that doesnt take away from me being emotional

Now back to you. Oh, you can f.ck him with no emotions huh? Ill give you that... Ive seen it happen. However, I give you 3 times of good sex with him... Yes, 3. That's the cap... after that, the seed of feelings has been planted and all that moisture y'all exchanging is watering it too much?

Sn- I hate the word moisture/moist almost as I hate mayonnaise. Its just ugh. No point there. Just an FYI

The first time you think to yourself:

Damn, hes cute.
Nah, look at that smile.
Damn his lips look soft as hell.
Oh, he gave me his number.
He do too much for me, Im not even trying to get caught up.
Im saying, Im grown, one fling wont hurt or make me a hoe.
Yea, I can do this no strings attached, this ONE time...

Ok. Now you convinced yourself (there is always some convincing involved) and you go back to his place and yall do the nasty (that's what you kids call it now a days right?) And he had you speaking in tongues... Didn't expect that huh? Of course you didn't (but low key you did or you wouldn't be there) and you know, once isn't going to be enough.

Fast Forward... Its raining, you home alone... and you get a flashback..

SN again-I blame on these damn movies for conditioning our mind that when it starts to rain we need to have sex... its like the wetness outside bring on the wetness inside..

Now you dialing homeboy up... and if he isn't with his next jawn of course he down...

*BAM* your heading spinning like the exorcist. Now here is the crucial part ladies. Here is where you got to be honest with yourself. Cause you got to decide if you can handle that third time with no feelings, or if you got that inkling already and you got to shut it down.

YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! Front for the homegirls, front for the man, hell even front for Jesus (he know the truth anyways) but do not, I repeat, do NOT lie to yourself. Remember how I said there is always some convincing? Yea, that's the problem. You shouldn't have to convince YOURSELF. This is how most girls get caught up. They swindle their own selves... Men don't even lie like that any more. they don't have to. You lie to yourself for them... So here you are imagining going on dates to a Thai restaurant and he not even thinking about ordering in Chinese with you. You. Set. Your. Self. Up.

Now to you Miss Heartless

You actually have mastered the man's game, you can f.ck and leave without looking back. You Robin Givans in Boomerang (and even she came back). You are a rare breed... kind of like the man who falls in love after sex for the first time (there are always exceptions)... But then again, are you? Maybe you just a good fronter. Either way... you're rare. However, I have seen many of these "rare breeds" get caught up and not even know whats going on with they own lives. You say you do "no strings attached" and then you leave them, but if when you horny, and you call up a reliable source, ain't that kind of... well... attached?

I'm just saying, embrace the emotion. Once you learn how to live with and not deny your feelings, you will realize most men are not playing a damn game. They being brutally honest, and you need to make a conscious decision whether you and your feelings can handle it. I really think the world would be a better place if we knew our positions and played them...

PSA- These are observations of the females I see... Y'all know Im a virgin.

Friday, April 15, 2011

If you didnt know...

Choosing- To show attraction to the opposite or same sex.

Example- Dawg, I know she looks good, but stop choosing.

Choosing season is coming...

So summer is coming and y'all know that's choosing season. I haven't blooged in a minute, and I got stuff coming but for now... read this. Y'all gonna need it for the summer...


Happy Friday people!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now Playing

But if this don't get you every time, then IDK what will...

This song make me want to give my virginity away like a dirty penny every time. smh...

Somethings never change

My Pride is a bitch, but I'm married to the hoe- Me