Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mamita, Just Shut Up

So, yall know I be on Gchat all day. Dont judge.

Well one day a gchat convo with one of my homeboys proved that sometimes women are their own enemies...

He was going away and dealing (and when I say dealing I mean he was her gray area nigga or GAN") with this girl. She ever lightly told him be careful and have safe sex. He was so hype. "This is why I like her. She cool and realistic"

The next day they got into it because he was going away and she just knew he was gonna have sex and she was mad...

Wait. What...?

Like, she told him less than 24hrs ago that she wanted him to be safe, now she beefing. And he was confused. As he should be! Why would she say one thing one day and the next day do a complete 180?

Cause she was talking to talk...

Lord, I love being a woman sometimes, but we got this all wrong. We need to understand what we can and can not handle, and not play a game we don't know the rules too. You upset about him going away and potentially having sex with another girl? Say THAT... dont try to be cool and be the down ass chick and say what you think he wants to hear and wait for his false reassurance so your insecurities can be subdued. If you know you’re not in the place to have a real say about who what he does... then Mamita... CALLATE..

That means Shut Up in Spanish...Let Chiquita speak

We try to portray what we think men want to see sometimes and try to play a game we are not equipped for. You think relationships are a game… Fine, go in with that mentality... but people practice for games. They prepare. They know their skill level, and they PLAY THE POSITION (y'all know how I feel about that) that amplifies their strengths. You know you can not have sex without emotion, don't go into a casual sex relationship hoping that spin move or that thing you do with your tongue gonna make him want to erase the next joint number out his phone. It wont... it does mean he will come back for more causal sex… and the spin move.. and the little thing you do with your tongue.

<---Quiet for you

What makes it worse is now when we change our story, or we get out of pocket. One art that I think females (me included) have not mastered is when to shut the fuck up. Men are so cool, calm, and collected... it irks the hell out of me. I hate arguing but I need a response when I'm talking about shit that I feel is important. Nonchalant and dismissive responses get on my nerves, and I will keep talking until I get a response. Not cause I want an argument, but because I want a response.

However, I’m sure if I just shut up a few times in this life, I could have avoided a lot of bullshit and unnecessary arguments. It’s my own fault...

They say the first step to recovery is acceptance.

So next time you feel a certain type of way ladies, and you about to say something. STOP! Think about it. Will this make the situation better? Will it make you FEEL better (which I feel if you need to say it then you should)? But if its just you saying something to get a response, or you saying something smart to something you agreed about not to long ago… then well…

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Brothers Keeper...

Friday turned into one of those nights you was supposed to drink and chill and you ended up in deep ass convos. In the midst of it my brother says...

"Every nigga a GOOD nigga. He just need a good bitch"

Sometimes you just need to sit back and absorb.


*Claps and uses Kevin Hart voice*

PSA-The word "nigga" is all up and through this post. I will not apologize if the word offends you because its in the title and you still opened it.


A few months ago I was at my homegirls house. Everyone was extremely drunk and since it was for her Sigmaversary, I stayed my happy non-Greek ass in the kitchen, chilling with a few people I did know. In stumbles a drunk girl, no one knew who she was (If you have no one to vouch for you or back you up that I KNOW, I cant save you honey). Men being men started talking her and trying to see what her drunk ass was about. She said, very matter of factly, "I only fuck with real niggas. They know not to take me to chain restaurants and treat me like a queen"

Fast Forward a little

We got in another convo about "real niggas". They want a real hood nigga who can hold them down, protect them, has a swag in his step, blah, blah mother fucking blah. Me and my homeboy was cracking up. They was dead serious. I was sober as a pregnant nun, so I hope it was the liquor talking. But if not... Ladies we got a problem.

If you remember I did a post about every one wanting a little thug in their man. I still stick by that. I don't want a punk. However, I don't want a man who put on Maurys and think he is Stylin on 'em... I'm good.

Men need to learn to have a delicate balance. I want a man who can rock a suit, but then look good in sweats a white tee and foams...

Disclaimer- There is something so sexy about a man picking you up or running errands with you looking like that. When you see him clean cut everyday and he rugged just for a few hours... Yea....

I'm wandering off

I want a man with book and streets smarts. Who can hustle the shit out of something but know its for the greater good. Not for street cred... but good cred... as in good credit so we can get this house. I need you to have ambition and want more for yourself, me and our future.

Guys out here telling us to cook in heels, and make sure our lipgloss is poppin, and make sure we have 401k's, and real jobs, and cook, and clean, and make sure our head is good, and that we don't nag, but we watch basketball... the list goes on...

but out only requirement is that they got to be a REAL NIGGA...?

Ladies we got to do better... cause ask and you shall receive.

You could have Chad... He works on wall street, he has a secure job and is working and saving so that eventually he can provide for his future family. He grew up in the streets but you would never know that cause he isn't out here acting like a nigger (yes, with the "ER"). You're not giving him the time of day.

Oh but he come Hakeimonte`.... jeans saggin, BAPE hoody, and a bulge in his pocket you not sure is from a gun, drug money, or he happy to see you...He got 4 kids but he love YOU so much after he knock you up he gonna go hard in the streets and make you his wife...Oh. OK.

You like what you like. People can not help their preferences. I just want women to know there is more to life than nigga who will fight on the street corner cause someone looked at your ass. Make sure that real nigga knows there is more to life. Or you just may have some real problems...

Oh and if yall know a "Chad"... Tell him I said "Shorty Swing my way..."

Marvin's Room

I dont know who Marvin is... but he ruining lives out here. Dead Ass...

If you been living under a rock... Marvin's Room is this emo ass song Drake put out about drunk calling his ex and saying her new man aint shit basically....

Now of course, there had to be remakes. Jojo and Teyana Taylor KILLED the remakes. I actually like them as artists so these remakes were great for me...



Now back to the issue at hand... We all have drunk text/called/visited. Why the fuck do we do this. Isn't drinking supposed to impair motor skills? So how can we so successfully make an ass out of ourselves?

"Drunk mouths speak a sober mind" - FUCK THAT (pardon the vulgarity)

Sometimes drunk hands just text a horny vagina. I truly do believe sometimes you do act out hidden desires when your inebriated... but sometimes you just talking out you ass... or whateva you got in the front...

Now here come fucking Marvin, and his dumb ass room, and all you freaks think its OK to call the bitch you ain't even go on a whole date yet, cause you gonna chalk it up to Drake. Nigga please. Drake got millions. He can call me from Marvins Room, Sarahs Kitchen, or Shaniquas bathroom... as long as he breaking that cash off. You on the other hand regular nigga from 145th and Broadway... yea you can chill.

That was shots fired by the way

The worst is when you actual text someone you really do still care about/jones for... even though y'all been dead... and you have been successfully playing your position... until you played yourself with the patron... then the DJ played you playing back the last time y'all was together in your head...and playing with your phone.... to see if he would play with the idea of playing with your...

Well you get the idea...

I know these drunk text/calls/visits won't stop. However I strongly believed this song has increased drunk reach outs, and depression in those who are waiting for the Marvin room type shit and their phone quiet all night...

Just remember. MARVIN'S ROOM IS NOT A REAL PLACE... so your ass cant hide their when you embarrass yourself...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tell Him the Truth

I'm not a big Keri Hilson fan but this is one of my favorite songs of hers and I didn't think it got enough play

Lo Siento

I know I haven't been here for a while. I do apologize.

Nothing Personal. Just Life

Monday, June 6, 2011


It always makes me laugh when people say they like a person, and use the description “we had chemistry”. Like Chemistry is this combustion and there is always an explosion of epic proportions. Yall know what Chemistry is?
Chemistry-a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo

That just means, in laymen’s terms, checking what shit is made of and how well it works with other shit. ANYTHING has chemistry. 1 part Hydrogen and 2 parts Oxygen is chemistry. They make water. I ain’t never seen water explode….

I know. When mixed with the right substance, you can get a very active reaction. But the thing about chemistry is unless you really know what you doing/mixing you can get a flat reaction, or get combustion of disastrous results

Ok. Story time. … Once upon a time there was a girl who felt an amazing connection with this man. Every time they kissed she got weak, every time the made love she swore his soul entered her body. She swore he was her soul mate. Every time she explained him to me she said, “The chemistry is amazing.” 2 months later, she found out he had a wife and kids. Job he thought he had…made up. He had already got her for 45000, and when all this went down, his number had magically changed. She was telling me this, and said, “I don’t understand. We had chemistry from day 1” I replied “Its still chemistry. Its just your mixed produced something poisonous”

There is a point to this school lesson. Not everything that glitters is Gold. Not everything chemistry has a reaction. And not every reaction is safe. So next time you kiss, make love to someone, feel that strong “chemistry” with someone… Watch your eyebrows B

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Life Your Entertainment

So, Y'all know I am a PROUD Temple University alum... and some of my fellow TU alum created this amazing VLOGGING site (video blogging). You can post videos and tag fellow members.

Go join and add me on Ms_She!

Thanks for the support


I'm Sorry

Summer is coming, and I am gonna get crazy

Actually, I'm not sorry at all


So Bey must be speaking my mother fucking life