Sunday, September 28, 2014

All the little accents that make me a King...

Those of you who have known me for some time, know that over a year ago I deleted my old Twitter/IG which had years of profanity and ratchetness and created KingSio_. I literally got messages immediately asking who I thought I was calling myself King. My females friends said it was birdish and made me sound like I wanted to be Beyonce. My male friends said I'd never get a man now since I'd intimidate them with that name. Even saw my old joint drop a sub on Twitter saying something along the lines of "you women wanna be men so bad". I laughed at them all. 

I'm not gonna lie, Mrs. Carter was a minor inspiration. Not without meaning tho. She called herself that at the very beginning of her feminist movement. Taking a stand saying woman can do what men can do. Doesn't mean we will or want to. It's saying we want the opportunity.

"All we ever wanted was an opportunity... Lord knows!" - motivational speaker, Rick Ross

When I created King Sio I was inspired. I had just left a HerAgenda event on entrepreneurship and all I wanted to do was build my empire. Even if I had no idea what my empire was. It might have been my hair business, my event planning business, my family, my finances. I had no clue. What I did know was that it was mine. Me. Alone. I was am single and ruled my own thoughts decisions and actions

King- a person or thing preeminent in its class

This was my first step toward putting myself first and stop living for other people. And KingSio_ was my subtle daily reminder that I'm the most preeminent thing in my life. 

Now to address this man thing. It really no one business but my own and they person I'm dating but I'm actually very submissive in relationships (and I don't see that as negative). I take on what people deem as "womanly" roles easily. Cooking, cleaning, and supporting. Especially if the man is very protective and has a natural provider instinct.  And in all actuality, if my social media name is the sole/main deterrent from someone starting a relationship with me, then I'm not sure I want them. 

So does having my social media name containing King mean I'm not a Queen? No. I never thought that. A queen is ALWAYS defined as a woman or female. I'm undeniably that... Except maybe on days my fro is a little low and my I have no makeup on and a big hoodie.  But a King has a few definitions where it doesnt have to me a man. Does it mean I think a King is better? No. I never thought that. Does it mean until someone is worthy to wear the crown of king , I will me the most preeminent person on my class, life, and empire? Yes. I've always thought that. 

Plus, King just flows better than Queen with Sio. *shrugs*

Sometimes, the King is a QUEEN.- Sio