Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black Girls Are Easy...

I frequent this blog often.... Yall know I love Ignorant sh.t. Men and women need to read. I think its definitely in my top 3 blogs right now.


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Rise of the "GAN"

Twitter will ruin your life. It was another 4am night... Worth it though. In the midst of it I called someone's boo a jawn (apparently I say the word a lot)... I was told that the guys don't like it... so I called them a "GAN"- gray area n.gga... (for the purpose of all my readers, I use n.gga for all races. If your offended I apologize that your a sensitive joint and advise your read another blog). This term stemmed out of another convo from sat, where we noticed the percentage of people actually in a relationship and "claiming" each other has decreased dramatically...

Now I am new to this so bear with me and my observations...

I remember in like 2004/05 my homegirl Meka went to go see this guy, when he kissed her and left the car, I asked "Oh, you talking to him?" The whole car laughed at me and she responded "No, he my boyfriend. Who talks anymore?". Y'all know I haven't been single since 16, so I don't know whats hot in the streets... but apparently just "talking" is back... and in come the gray area n.gga...

In this age or "grinding" and "hustling" no one has time time be committed to the obvious time and dedication it takes to be in a relationship. Understandable. Some time people just do not want to be accountable to someone. Again, understandable. But as months pass, and just f.cking turns to f.cking with feelings... What do you do then? What do you call this person? How do you act with this person? Cause next thing you know you on Twitter at 3am and you see sublims but you don't even know if they for you...

Disclaimer- Twitter can the money and moot up... don't let it be you fellas...

This gray area is not small... its is actually the majority of 20 something years olds status right now... Boo, joint, jawn, FWB, "that n.gga", jump off, "thats just my friend", side piece, etc... these are all cute moniker whose underlying meaning is "I don't know what the going on so Im gonna just make up a nickname for this person".

The funny part is no one know how to act. My homegirls had a convo that went like this HG1- "How you break up with a n.gga you just talking too?" HG2- "Just stop talking"... So how you know if you ain't speak to this person in 24hrs y'all still cool? How do you respond? Can you really get mad..? Not really cause you know what it is... but that's not gonna stop you now is it? Lol. Is that salty feeling you have in the morning, when you realize that he/she dont remember the sweet sh.t the text you/said to you on the phone (drunk)the night before, really justified?


Disclaimer- This is in NO WAY shots fired, or sublims... im chillin and enjoying the ride... These are just observations I have seen.

This isn't just about females. Men don't know whats going on... Usually probably cause females are emotional creatures and we don't like to be confused. So we may act out of pocket. Check us. No, really. Its fine... Its lets us know you still want to do this and we will have a seat... for now

I do realize that the root of all this gray area is sex... hence why I am a virgin. I want no

I hope y'all weren't coming here for a solution or some magnificent insight to the GAN either, cause you know I don't know. LOL

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Trey Songz "In the Middle"...

Brought back memories of Family Sundays on Dauphin with Dani, Yanique, Chen, and Serge...

I am in a great mood today and that song made it better... and ya'll cant see me on singing the bridge... "Deep inside the middle of your loooooooovvvveee, ooooohhhhh ooohhhh oooohh oooh OOH!" (ask T.Lloyd)

African Proverbs

So I knows is been a while but I'm back like cooked crack! (is it too early for the Fat Joe reference? BX stand up) I told y'all I was having a seat... but in the midst of that, I realized the chair was full of bills and other responsibilities that Ive neglected running around the city like I'm Diddy...

Its I digress...

Saturday I was tired and really didn't want to go out. However, I went with T.Lloyd, Papa, and Sasha. Thank God I did...I don't know if I have said this before, but I have spoke with some many people from Temple now, that I never said one word to while I was there. I honestly don't know why cause we share so many mutual friends. Papa is one of them (He said he thought I hated him... I guess my smile isn't as inviting as I thought). I LOVE Papa. From the first time we were formally introduced, last summer at the damn booty juice BBQ... I've loved him. He is a hilarious, intelligent, genuinely good man. We went for henney coladas, hookah, and one of the realest convos I have had in a long time. Maybe it was his unbiased tongue, maybe it was his man's perspective, maybe he is wise beyond his years, but whateva the case maybe he floored me in the haze of mint and mango flavored hookah...

Two things he said that made me pause and reflect...

He was telling a story about his female family member who was telling an older male family member about how she hated her profession... He said his older male family member who was watching TV, stopped, looked at her and said "The same tree you climb up, you must climb down" and went back to watching TV. Apparently she is a doctor now and loves it.

I complain about hating the position I am in all the time (stuck in a tree) and not knowing how to make things better. I guess its just as simple as just changing it (climbing back down). I dead ass

The second thing he said almost made my cry in public (which wouldn't of been new for me). We were talking about me and David, and how I wish he would of been more involved with my friends. My friends are my family, and I always wanted him to come and spend time with me and them (even just a few times) just so I wouldn't have to choose. I mentioned that David always said to me "Your a different person when your around your friends" ... Papa replied (with all the seriousness in the world) "No, you were a different person with him"

Well damn...

Sometimes you just need to get slapped in the face to bring you back to reality. Papa may never read this, but he really gave me some insight and I love him for it. He also has swayed my decision to only marry a West Indian man. I have let African men into the running because our cultures are just too damn And if I can find one half as good as Papa (and twice as tall... lol), He will have me making that Jollof rice and Puff Puff, and learning the native language with a smile on my face...

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 Weeks

Its been 7 weeks since I broke up with David. 7 weeks of changes and adjustments. It seems like such a short time but damn so much has happened. It wasn't what I thought it would be like at all. We didn't stay friends, he turned out to be malicious in ways and I guess its best they were uncovered as a result of the break up and not a binding marriage. I am not upset. I knew eventually happiness would come but I was content almost immediately. I cant help but mention his name almost daily because he was apart of my daily life for so long. Its hard living a life without someone when all of 7 weeks ago your life was for them.

Ive learned a lot in 7 weeks tho...

-My friends are patient as hell
-I might be crazy
-Patron is liquid courage
-I can not mentally multi task
-Music is like tea for me, cures all ailments
-I might like to be gassed
-Im not bitter but Im not stupid... I wont let anyone as close as I did David before
I have a signed marriage certificate
-In my attempt to quell the perception of me being rude or mean, I have become to nice. That has stopped. I'd rather be rude than taken advantage of
-The person you think you are may be different than the person the friends think you are... Rose colored glasses are also invisible.... (this goes for just about everyone)

Those are just a few, but every day is an experience. I guess you live and learn... but first you got to learn to live

I was told I cant take a compliment...

On numerous occasions... by numerous people

Finally gave in and accepted them for what they were...

Why y'all aint tell me the sh.t feel so good?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I love a good spoken word...

So my love Dune-Bug sent me this link. Its a little long, but it well worth it. I know I am not the most Christ-like, but the message is powerful, Christian or not. She digs deep into not just giving it up to every man, even when "it" is time and affection when we know he ain't even remotely the one.


S/O to the firewalls coming down!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poor P*ssy Management- WATCH!

My Job blocks youtube so I cant embed the video, but I saw this on twitter... and I flat lined. Literally flat lined. I watched it like 14 times. As funny as this sh*t is, I feel like its ultimate truth. You don't need to run the world, just run the mind that runs the world.

I really do not need to go to deep, cause seriously, the video is self-explanatory... Guess I am just trying to play Captain Save-A-Hoe...especially if I am that hoe one day

Friday, March 4, 2011

Late Nights and Early Mornings

If you haven't listened to Marsha Amrbrosius' cd at least once, you are not Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning. Even if you don't like the songs, her voice gives me goosebumps.


...I was feeling myself... lol

Have a Seat...

Not you... Me.

I need to have a seat. The past 2 months, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me "who are you?" (including myself) Barney would be paid off...

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a stranger.I'm still the Sio that everyone knows and loves (I doubt anyone hates me. Im just too damn My personality is the same, but my actions haven't been my usual routine. Staying up past 1... like every night. Impromptu trips. Worrying about sh.t I ain't care about before, and being carefree about sh.t that used to give me a panic attacks. So I guess the answer to the question is " I am Sio, just like you never seen her"

In the mind frame of catching up on the things I missed out on or never had the opportunity to try...

Disclaimer- I don't regret any of it. I love David and being with him made me happy at the time. I wouldn't change missing the "best NYE party ever" for kissing him every at midnight in my PJs for anything. Its just now, I want to experience what I didn't have time too.

But I think in the mix of saying for so long "I am not about that life" I am doing to much. Lowkey, I have been about too many lives. I am not there to stay. I just wanted to test the waters. The partying every night, the random drives, the flirting with strangers... all tests. Some I like... Some I hate (partying and flirting with strangers is so not me. Im too chill and too shy. Too much for my ass too handle)

So its 3/4/11 at 1:37pm... I been single for 34 days, and its due time I have a seat.

I been doing the most. I don't want to loose me in all the f.ckery like I have seen so many do. I like who I am, and I don't want to change because I was too busy do any and everything. I am back to watching on demand. Staying home on weekends. Drinking my wine at night versus Moet I found in a hotel bathroom at 10am. Lol. I still plan on embracing life and trying new things. I will not be the Sio no one even invited to places cause they knew I was saying no, or the one who would be too nervous or worried about everything from consequences to people's perception. And though I am not stressing things cause tomorrow isn't guaranteed, Live Fast and Die Young was never my motto. I am definitely not about that life.

So to all y'all who been riding with me through all of this, giving me words of wisdom, holding your tongue and letting me get over this phase, or telling me "b.tch don't get crazy"... Thank you.

*sits in chair*

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things To Share...

"Dreams don't come with expiration dates. Taking a circuitous route to your dream doesn't mean you won't get there. Life's unexpected circumstances come as no surprise to God. Instead, you may find that God is moving you toward a dream perfected for you--better than you have imagined. It may prove to be the purpose of the delay all along. Be patient. God is not finished with you or your dreams."

This quote definitely is needed...

Get to Know Me

I came across one of those MySpace "About Me" surveys... I know some of you dont know me personally, so I figured I would fill it out... I am bored anyways. LOL

Time started:: 8:24 pm

BasicAbout you:

Name:: Ms. She (Im job hunting) lol

Gender:: female

Height:: 5’9

Eye color:: brown (my friend calls them Nutella Brown)

Hair Color:: Right now, brown with blonde highlights. It may be different next week.

Age:: 26

Birthday:: Jan 6th

Lefty/righty/ambidextrous:: right

Piercings:: 4 in left ear, 2 in right, 1 belly button

Tattoos:: six. And they all have significant meanings

Zodiac Sign:: Capricorn

Ring Size:: 8 i think

Grade:: TU alum... bitch

More about you:

Are you named after anyone?: Not at all. lol

Do you live in the moment?: Lol. I am trying too. 2011 I seem to be about that life. usually, I plan the out of everything

Do you consider yourself tolerant to others?: Absolutely.

Do you have any secrets?: Of course, but secrets are for keeping

Do you hate yourself?: Um, WTF kind of question is that? Yes I do..

Do you like your handwriting?: Actually, no. Now that i think about

Do you have any bad habits?: Hmmm, over analyzing. I worry too much. I always try to put everything in front of my needs. People call me captain Save a Hoe. Lol..

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: Of Course...

Any regrets?: I dont regret anything in my life. Everything in my life is a lesson learned.

Do you think life has been good so far?: It hasn't been the best but I am Blessed. It would be nice if I can win the lotto though. lol

Are you confident?: Yes, and no. Everyone has things they are self conscious about.

How long does it take you to shower?: like 10-20... I love to bathe

What color is your room?: White

Where do you want to attend college?: Does this question mean I am too old for this survey...? lol

Do you…?

Smoke?: Nope.

Do drugs?: Have you seen Bobby Brown...

Drink?: Lol, Im a lite weight now... but yea

Go to church?: Not enough. But I pray daily

Sleep with stuffed animals?: Lol, yup. A pink care bear named Skittles

Take walks in the rain?: Yea. helps me clear my head.

Talk to people even if you hate them?: I try and be cordial

Drive?: Yes... Im a great driver might I add

Believe in premarital sex?: Lmao. You DAMN right

Want to get married?: I sure do, regardless of everything that has happened. I love LOVE and want to share my life with someone who appreciates it

Want to go to college?: yup

Want to have children?: Yup...

Sing in the shower?: Not really. I dance in it tho

Highlight your hair?: Yup, right now!

Wear makeup everytime you go out?: Im not about that life, Blistex is my everyday make-up

Have you ever…?

Hurt yourself?: Im clumsy, but not crazy... so not intentionally

Been out of the country?: Yup, I am west indian...My passport have seen stamps...

Been in love?: Yup...

Done drugs?: aint this a repeat?

Gone skinny dipping?: Nope, but I want to...

Had surgery?: Yup, my appendix removed

Played strip poker?: No, but I play poker

Been on stage?: Yea, but I have danced for a performance in a while

Pulled an all nighter?: Too many damn times

Gone one day without food?: Yup, sophomore year was rough.

Slept all day?: The day after my greyhound accident

Kissed a stranger?: NO! Mono is real...

Had a dream that came true?: Like Deja Vu...Yea. Like a goal vision... only getting my degree

Broken the law?: Hmmm..

Stolen anything?: Yea :-(

Been on radio/tv?: Yea once

Been in a mosh-pit?: Wait, is a mosh pit?

Bungee jumped?: Yuh Bright...

Had a dream that kept coming back?: Yea, That I am in an elevator. Its starts going up then it stops, and then starts spinning. Then it stops and drops. Hence why I dont like elevators now. I have had these dreams since I was a kid

Live in other states?: Only in PA for college...

Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Guilty...

Had a movie marathon?: Yup. I love watching movies...

Been on a plane?: Yup was just in one last week...

Ran into a wall?: I dont think so, but i dont put it past me

Been rejected by a crush?: I never make the first move so no...

Cried in public?: LOL. More than I can count

Cried over a movie?: Im a punk so yea

Pranked called someone?: I dont think I ever did that. It always seemed corny

Gotten a cavity?: Yes :-(

Broken a bone?: Both ankles...

Fallen from a tree?: In Antigua

Passed out?: LOL, yup... from crying to hard.

Do you believe …?

in miracles?: Yes

in magic?: lowkey, yes

in God?: Of Course

in ghosts?: yes

in luck?: kind of

in love at first sight?: Lust at first sight. Im still not sure about the love at first site.

in Santa?: You gone too far Biggs...

in the Easter Bunny?: --____--

in witches?: Aint there a religion called Wiccan? So yea

in wishing on shooting stars?: Yup.

that cussing is a necessity in life? Its not necessary but I cant stop... I guess that would be under the bad habits section.

yourself?: Hmmm, not all the time. But if I dont who will?

Love and all that - (I think this is where it gets real...

Do you consider love a mistake?: Never, love is beautiful. Its the people in love that ruins it

Who and when was your first crush?: Romeo from immature...

First thing you notice about the opposite sex?: Smile, haircut (I hate an unkempt n.gga), and his eyes...

Right this moment…

What are you wearing?: a bra and temple shorts

What are you worried about?: Money, my family and friends, and how I am actually going to get thru this new situation I am in.

What book are you reading?: Your degrees cant keep you warm...

Are you bored?: Obviously..

Are you tired? Yes... but I dont wanna sleep cause I feel like I am gonna miss something

Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone?: not for the past 20 mins

Are you listening to music, if so then what? Marsha Ambrosius- Late Nights and Early Mornings

The Last…Dream you had:: Lets not get into that... lol

Nightmare:: Hardly have those

Time you cried:: Yesterday

Movie you watched:: Love and Basketball

Movie you rented:: The Other Guys

Book you read: The happiness project

Word you said: mmmmhmm... Is that a word?

Time you laughed:: Today, My friends are hilarious

Person to call you:: T nasty

CD you played:: Marsha

Song you listened to:: Far Away

IM sent or received:: Skype count?

Time you yelled:: Friday Night

Person you yelled at::

time you were a skirt:: last Sunday for India Day.

Your favorite: my homegirl

Type of gum:: peppermint

Season:: Summer

Type of weather:: warm, no humidity (no perm)

Color:: Black red and gold

Perfume:: Dolce and Gabana Light Blue

Pizza topping:: Plain

Fruit:: Mango

TV Show::SVU, Jersey Shore, Greys Anatomy... too much to name.

Day of the week:: Saturday

Month:: January... duh.

Number:: 6

Sport to watch:: basketball...

Flower:: roses

Finally…Time Finished:: 9:40pm

Quick Quote...

It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows great enthusiasms, great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
- Theodore Roosevelt

Some of Y'all Gonna hate me...

Ok, so last night my personal hairdresser was at work and my hair had to get done. I haven't done my hair myself since mid-December... 3 Months ago. My hair now that I have no perm grows like wild fire, and doing it last night almost caused me to give myself a Caesar. Like I'm dead ass. If I didn't think I would look more like Florida Evans instead of Amber Rose, I would be brushing waves into my hair like Chicago from Poetic Justice as we speak...*point to serious face*

and I actually said out loud (Jah know I meant it too)...

"These bald joints have no idea how good they have it"

Its true tho. Bald girls have a justifiable reason to wear weaves and wigs and cut off all their hair. I don't. Technically I don't need a justifiable reason to cut my hair off. Its mine and I do what I please. But its kind of like when you throw perfectly good food away... you think about the starving kids in Africa and it kind of makes you hesitant... I think of the bald joint when I start thinking about cutting my hair. I would love to wear a weave or wig regularly, but, to keep it funky.. Im too stush for dem things... *shrug*

I don't like the fact I always got to check and see if a track showing, I don't like the fact that people know its obviously not mine, I don't like the fact my head feel so heavy and lumpy, and don't like the fact that sometimes it looks fake, I don't like that fact that I cant have someone play in my hair while its in, I don't like the fact that I cant wash my hair ever 4-6 days like I usually do. I hated it the one time I had it and it lasted 3 weeks. I nearly died...Not to say that all weaves look bad. Cause some look amazing... and not to say you have to be bald to wear them. I know a girl with hair to her ass who only wears weaves...

Lets address the real issue...

Bad weaves and wig.

Lord sweet baby Jesus... I hate hate hate hate hate hate to see a bad weave or wig. Like the point of it is to make yourself look good, no? Then why I got to see you walking down the street looking like this...

or this...

or this...

and especially not this...

If y'all gonna just end up looking like this, then you might as well just wear your real raggedy hair. At least I would respect you cause its yours

Disclaimer- Just cause I respect you doesn't mean I wont talk about you... They talked about Jesus... you gets no pass.

You cant choose genetics, but that *points to pics* y'all paid to do... Have a seat

Preferably in a salon