Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Thought...

I know a lot of people I don't even know have been reading the blog... Thanks to T. Lloyd/Dunni/Tiff twitter advertisements, E'Lon's gchat shout out, and Diandra's office... shout out to Applemetro and I appreciate all the positive feedback. I just started writing it as a way to keep sane. I wasn't even going to tell anyone about it. Feel free to comment cause I would love y'all thoughts and know I am not the only freak who thinks this way!

Enjoy the weekend...

Oh So You Fancy Huh???

Now I love this song off the new Drake album (if you haven't heard it, you way behind people). Now, as much as I love this song... I think Drake is secretly trying to destroy the black community. Now Now Now... I love me some Drake... but he isn't from the Hood... he is from an upper middle class Jewish bred family Mulatto Nation Stand Up. And in Canada. I have family in all over Canada... their Hood is definitely not the same as ours. Yet, Drake has managed to be apart of 95% of the top "hood anthems" (I use this term for lack of a better term to describe the new popular songs received by the minority sector)...

So quick break down for those who HAVEN'T heard this song. It basically Drake, TI, and Swizz Beats coming together to celebrate women who aren't walking around her looking like Franky- "nails done, hair done, everything big". I more masculine version of Miss Independent by Neyo in my opinion. So like I said. I love the song...but he messing women AND men's lives up with it... How so you ask? Well let us explore the real life examples

Example 1- NARS Orgasm Blush is referenced in the song. Half the hoodboogas out here have never even heard of NARS! They were still busy buying MAC up after Dreams Song "Purple Kisses". NARS Orgasm Blush can run you anywhere from $25-$40 dollars. Now these heffas know they ain't got that for some blush... smh. So now they cutting back on food and bills just so they can buy this damn blush which they probably gonna apply too much of just so people can make note that they have blush on and f*ck they credit score up. Also, these joints is buying up all NARS products! So I cant get the only make-up remover that actually works because you trying to be Fancy huh? SMH at you Swizz Beats for adding that.

Example 2- Men now think that is a viable pick up line. Oh silly rabbit... your broke! If Drake went up to a girl saying that...they wouldn't leave with him cause that line was just so smooth... its actually corny... they would leave with him cause it MOTHER F*CKIN Drake! He got money fool. You broke ass don't got nothing but a metro card. I witnessed this poor man crash and burn because he tried to talk to this girl on the 5 train today (who if we were actually classifying who is fancy, i think she would be), and as she walked by, he goes "Oh so you Fancy, Huh?". She looked at him with disgust and proceeded to continue walking to the next car. As she leaves him, i guess he figured he would give it one more go and starts chanting "Go Cinderella, Go Cinderella..." o_O. Sir... #Stopit5. Sad thing he was cute. If he approached her on some real sh*t he could of gotten her digits. Why you did him dirty like that Drake...

I also went to an Essence dark and Lovely Panel/Casting Call ( I swear I don't work for Essence as much as I been talking about them). And I saw a large array of women, who I am sure all thought they were "Fancy". Now, my motto for 2010 and beyond now is "Lift as I Climb". I am trying to give back any way I can. Maya Angelou said it best with "You cant go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You have to be able to throw back". So I am gonna help my fellow ladies, and maybe men, here...

Whats NOT so Fancy...

-Lacefronts. I always said I haven't seen a good one other than on Beyonce. Now I know why. The hair stylist on the panel said they only look good on TV except for Brandy. They will never look good on real life because you see the glue and the prefect hairline and know immediately.

-Ash. You can get lotion for 99 cents... please don't walk around here looking like you just was laying on a white sand beach

-Not paying your bills to shop. Bad Credit is sooo Not Fancy..

-Buying up the latest reference in a rap song. You messing it up for people like me and now I cant get my NARS product without going to bumbahell and cant get a decent bottle of Moscato on the weekend *side eye at Drake AGAIN*

-Wearing heels when you cant walk in them. You look crazy *side eye to homegirl walking down 3rd Ave right now*

-Not knowing how to apply make-up. I see the line of color difference from your face to your neck. Your mascara is clumpy. Your eyeshadow is uneven. Key words ladies.... BLEND

-More hair on your body than your head... You not Fancy

-Putting a relaxer in your hair every other week cause you trying to keep it fresh. Being Bald isnt Fancy

-Louis, Gucci, Prada, and WIC... You not Fancy

-You wearing clothes with holes in it... I know that top is cute but either sew it up or throw it out...

-Your baby looking homeless and you looking like Rihanna... You not Fancy YOU TRIFLIN

-Wearing clothing that no longer fits just cause its still in style...

-Having sex for a cheeseburger (shout out to Maury)

-Having no ambition- so you just good not progressing? You not Fancy

-Wearing color contacts and acting like you not... You not Fancy

-Being a Myspace/Twitter model -_-

-Name Belts... diga no mas

-Baby Hair *side eye at Chili and Brandy* You not Fancy

-Painting the soles of Steve Madden Pumps to make them Louboutin

-Wearing hair color that doesn't fit you complexion... Please dont wear a light blonde if you chocolate or darker. You gonna look like Wesley Snipes in "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar" (love that movie)

Ok I could go on for days... But feel free to add more... we need to save ourselves and our people...

& I got my eye on you Drake... You not gonna bring me down...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes I Wish I Could Act Like A Boy...

So, me and one of my best friends since 1st grade have a argument discussion on everything that is great on the other and we hate about ourselves. Here is an excerpt from our last convo:

Her- I need a perm (she knows exactly who she is right now)
Me- Girl, I just saw you and you didn't need a perm
Her- That's a lot of oil and brushing
Me- Your hair is always so well put together, if anyone needs a perm its me. I am out her looking like a teenage Puerto Rican Boy
Her- Please I can't go outside without makeup, my spanx, etc (I can't remember the rest of nonsense she listed)
Me- Please, I need makeup
Her- You skin is flawless
Me- No its not I am just to lazy to do my makeup in the mornings. You always have cute outfits on and look so put together. I am just sloppy...

It goes on for a while longer but you get the drift. Now my friend has a body people kill for.. literally. Her waist is practically non-existent, and she has a shapely lower body (and shapely isn't a word I'm using like people who are disproportionate use to sugar coat it; ie: fat + sugarcoating= thick). SN- We also do this with non-physical attributes such as love life, careers, etc., but I digress. Why the hell do we do this to ourselves? I am not saying I am going to stop but roll with me people. If Jesus Our Lord and Savior came down right now, put His hand on her shoulder and said, "My child, you are perfect", she would look at Him and say "Thank You Lord, but don't you think my lower half could be smaller?" (if you ARE reading this, don't hate me... I love you)

I have gorgeous friends. They know the aren't ugly but that won't stop them for complaining about any and everything that they think is wrong. One wants to get a nose job *side eye* yet her ass could be a model. We all have things we would change about ourselves. I would get smaller feet... their huge! And its hard finding shoes in my size! My toes are also long. My friend says the look like I hate them but I am 25 and broke sooooo, they not going anywhere. The July issue of Essence (which I have been raving about) had a section dedicated to the great things about being a woman, more specifically a black woman. Although I am down for the uplifting and motivating of black society (Good Lord knows we need it), I think this is a gender issue, not a race one. I'm sure men are self conscious but it doesn't consume or hinder them like it does females.

Example- I am walking in Grand Central today when a gentleman approaches me. Here is a description so you can get a picture. He is no higher than 5'5 (I am 5'9), he has on a durag which I didn't even know men still wear in public, braids barely poking out from underneath the durag, and set of teeth I would consider betting that braces couldn't fix. Even if I was not happily engaged, he wouldn't even get a hello from me. I walked briskly away.

This man was plenty of things.... but the one thing he was not... BLIND! He knows he looks like this. He has seen a mirror in his 20+-30+ years of living. But he decided to take his chances even though the odds were against him. And they WERE against him. I looked cute today. I have on a navy blue pinstripe skirt with a cute white top (hair isn't done, but that's a different story). He didn't let his obvious obstacles hinder him from trying. I can't blame him. I actually admire him. First thing I learned in sales... IF YOU DONT ASK, THE ANSWER WILL ALWAYS BE NO! Men live by this rule. No matter what. He didn't know if I was blind, like them short, a whore, or had a rock bottom self... so he tried. I played him, but I assume he kept it moving.

I think women need to start adapting this philosophy. We are so scared to try things because rejection is something we try to avoid. We always feel more confident when we look good, this is a given. However, we cant let minor beauty issues stop our happiness. We pass by social events where our future husband may be at because we didn't get a fresh perm, or won't enjoy a day the beach cause we are bloated. Life isn't a patient boyfriend. Its not going to wait for us to get ready. Its coming whether we dressed accordingly or not. We have to stop worrying about or finger toes, shapely bottoms, or noses that look just fine and JUST. LIVE. LIFE.

PS. I dedicate this post to my feet...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Whats Your Favorite Breathe You Ever Took?

Weird ass question right? Someone posted this on Facebook and at first I laughed, then I realized... damn... that deep. The average person takes 12 breathes per minute, and at 25 (and 6 months) I am at about 157,680,000 breathes so far (give or take). Have you ever sit down and thought about that? We need air to live but we never even stop to even consider a breathe unless its someone's stinky ass breathe in my face cause I hate body odor or how important it is, or how different our life would be without the ability to breathe.

Now I KNOW I can't narrow it down out of all them breathes to my 1 favorite, but I can give you some of my top

-The one I finally let go (cause I had been holding it) after I checked my grades December 22nd 2007 and realized that I was finally a Temple University Graduate
-The one after my and Stinkface kissed for the first time mushy I know, dont judge me
-The one I took as my step-father saved me from drowning in Action Park wave pool when my dumb 7yr old ass thought I could go to the deep end
-The one I took when both my brothers came home and I smelled them. I love the smell of non-shitty babies
-The one I took when I saw my bank account after my first check at this job *insert Plies Plenty Money song here*
-The one I took after Stinkface proposed... If you know the story of the proposal, you know I was breathing angrily for about 6 hrs prior...

Reflecting on this made me think, well damn, how many other things have I taken for granted in this life. These past few months, engaged and all, I know I been taking for granted Stinkface, he going through everything I am going through plus more. My negative attitude lately has made me bitter (those who know me KNOW I am not bitter... blunt, crier, loud=yes, bitter= no). He doesn't deserve that, and yesterday started my road to changing that. My job... even though sweet8lb baby Jesus knows I hate it, it has allowed me to pay my bills, afford some luxuries *coughshoppinghabitcough*, and have extra to be comfortable. However, I said yesterday I am done being comfortable... I am gonna push myself to go for a better job, so I can add accepting an offer from my dream job to my favorite breathes. Even though my health isn't the best, its extremely far from the worst, and I am thankful God hasn't taken me down a path of serious illness. My friends (S/O to the homegirls). I know they sick of I complain about everything. My weight, my hair, my looks, my job, my family... who the hell else knows this is where Dee would act like she caught the holy ghost cause she would be agreeing so hard. My family, even they get on my last damn nerve, I have no clue what or where I would be right now with out them, especially my grandma. And God. My relationship with Him has been lacking and I have no excuse. He is the one supplying me with these breathes and I haven't shown Him how much everything He has done for me is appreciated. Like I said... All that stopped yesterday. I can't promise drastic changes overnight, but I can promise I am now aware and that's the first step to recovery...

I also can tell you some of my favorite breathes I'm looking forward too
-The one I take when they place that MBA in my hand
-The one I take after my first born is delivered (not preggers... just saying)
-The one I take a Mrs. Fairclough... or hopefully the one I take when he becomes Mr. Massiah... lmao
-The one I take when I win the lotto wishful thinking

So for real though... take a minute and think about your favorite breathe... if it doesn't get you thinking about life like it did me, its will a least bring a smile to your face

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Happened So Quick... I Didn't Even Notice...

So. I took a mental health 3 day weekend which is funny cause in the course of the 3 days I had 2 mental breakdowns. Anywhoot, I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday and I saw this poor 19 year old girl. Her and her 6 sisters were all overweight and had health issues. She was the youngest, and she weighed 283 lbs *clutches pearls and slimfast* She said she was 116lbs at age 16... so this heffa gained 167lbs in 3 years sweet 8lb baby Jesus. You can see in her face she was broken, and wanted to basically break down on National TV. She said something that made me stop in my tracks because I say it all the time, just with smaller, less life threatening things for now. "It happened so quick, I didn't even notice" I have heard myself say it with grad school, with growing my hair out, even with my own weight... but you never know how drastic it is until people you finished undergrad with have Masters, or your hair is still relaxed and short, or that dress that used to fit you like a glove now just. cant. fit.

Why we do this to ourselves? Why do we procrastinate on the things that are important, or let things get uncontrollable? Its sad and scary. I know things come up, people get sick, have babies, are broke, stressed... but damn. We so worried about finishing our work days, we don't realize we finishing another day of not moving towards our goals. We get too comfortable, and like the great Weezy F. Baby please say the Baby said "Don't ever get to comfortable" and I realize during one of the mental breakdowns that is exactly what I have been doing since I got out of college. Comfortably Grinding. Well not any more. I always complain about my situation but I am blessed and I need to show my appreciation by taking the opportunities given to me and work my my ass off to make my life the best one possible (can yall see I am bringing back the positivity?)

So I promise you my faithful 3 readers a few things...

-I will take my Gmats before October
-I will have my Masters this time by 2013 (work with me here, I am going part time)
-I will loose this weight by the wedding 7/21/2012 (20 down, 50 to go)
-This time next year, whether its is long enough or not (or I lost enough weight to think i wont look like booboo the fool with it that short) I am cutting off all the relaxed ends of my hair
-All my debt (sans school loans) will be paid off and my savings account will have 3 months worth of paychecks in it, AND I will have an active stock portfolio (check out the article in the July issue of Essence "What Rich Black women Know")
-I will pray more starting NOW, cause none of these things will be possible without God

So why am I sharing this... cause its my damn blog because I want to share my revelation. It easy to be depressed and complain and say "when will I get a break" but the matter of the fact is just cause we doing something, doesn't mean it is enough... and if you reading this, your getting your break right now cause you are alive, breathing, clearly have access to a computer or internet, sh*t that fact that you reading this is a break (According to UNICEF, "Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names and two thirds of them are women."). This is fucking sad (I am not putting an asterisk in this curse because that statements need the curse's full potential). We are doing so good... hell, we are doing GREAT... this is our reality check. Make a list, write it down... shoot put it on here if you want to make yourself accountable (they say if you write something into existence, even on the internet, you helping to make it a reality, just do something to take the first steps to not be the proverbial 283lb girl who doesn't know how she got so fat so quick...

Cause all I thought about when I saw that poor broken girl is me saying 50 yrs from now "It happened so quick, I didn't even notice" and I am talking about my life...

Free Lil Wayne...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ugly Girl Problems...

What the f*ck?!?!? I dead ass never heard of this before a VSB post a few days ago, and then watching a rerun of The Game when Rick Fox ask Tasha if she has these (I don't know how I missed this the first time cause I seen this episode like 4-5 times). Who heard of this hot sh*t before? I'll wait...

So here is the explanation if y'all clueless like me...

"1.) Please oh please explain the "Ugly Girl" Problem!
Panama Jackson: Women with ugly girl problems are the ones who deal with all kinds of non-sense from men out of fear of being alone – or too much ego. The odd part is that these women are generally attractive women who are willing to deal with cheating, abuse, etc. Essentially, the type of stuff we’d assume a woman without options would settle for. The campaign to stop it with the “ugly girl problems” is alive and well. Women shouldn’t be settling for crap when there are men out there who will treat them right. Dude might have a gold tooth or seven, but he’ll treat her right. The point is, options do exist!" - Insert taken from the "I Am Superwoman" Blog

Your not serious right? *look around for Dave Chappelle to pop out and scream "Gotcha N*gga"*

So I love VSB. LOVEtheir post they remind me of me. They tell truth in a harsh but comedic way which apparently doesn't work to lighten the situation but apparently people just think you making fun of them. And this isn't their fault. They didn't make up "Ugly Girl Problems", and I am sure whoever did probably Slim Thug just didn't know any better. Just looking at the definition "The odd part is that these women are generally attractive women who are willing to deal with cheating, abuse, etc. Essentially, the type of stuff we’d assume a woman without options would settle for". So cause you ugly this is what you should settle for? Now I am sure he didn't mean because you ugly you should get your ass beat and like it cause no one else is going to want your ugly ass, but damn. Ugly people don't have options?

Now I am all for talking about an ugly person. They talked about Jesus, and he was the Son of God... you think your ugly ass going to get an exception? Especially if you not making any steps to make the best out of a bad situation (ie: Sephora, MAC, or your local CVS beauty section). I know I am cute in the face and thick in the waist so i assume I wouldn't be classified as ugly, but no one deserves to get cheated on and even worse beat (or etc). And why they have to be "ugly girl problems". Last time they just self esteem problems.

As E'lon says "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so who really qualified to justifiably have these ugly girl problems? Do a council of men just come together with a big book of pictures of women and stamp it "certified ugly"? A lot of damn times, people we would consider "ugly" got the sh*t together they most. Maybe we need to stop focusing on they problems and start focusing on their solutions. Cause I would rather be ugly with a good man, good job, and money in the bank, then cute and on welfare, wouldn't you? (I am taking into account that I'm not ugly nor on welfare or ever have been but for now that's how I feel.

I really have no point to this random rant. I don't even have a problem with the term. Just the definition. Maybe I am late, maybe I am looking to deep into this, but it just caught me off guard...

And if someone ever ask me if I have "ugly girl problems" I am liable to catch them off guard with what I say or do back...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night on Twitter, there was a TT (Trending Topic for those who are not down with Twitter and if your don't have twitter... how do you get through the work day?) and people were basically confessing things about them... most were common knowledge... like "#iconfess I like food..." Bitch Please. Spare me you feeble attempt to participate.... Go Hard or Go Home... so of course I participated... and I have no holds sometimes... so this isn't a story... sort of a laundry list of things about me people people may not know... Please feel free to comment and add yours... especially my friends... #iconfess I want to know more about you...

-I don't know what my purpose is on this earth... I feel like everyone has a talent... except me
-I don't know if this is a product of West Indian upbringing, but as of right now, I feel worthless (wut-less if my grandma was saying it which she does at least 5 times a month)
-I used to be scared of the d*ck now I throw lips to the sh*t *ye shrug*
-Compared to my friends, even the unemployed ones, I feel so unaccomplished
-I am nervous about getting married, I love Stinkface and know we are going to be together forever, just cant help being nervous
-I am addicted to tattoos and piercings
-I dream about being skinny every damn day
-I wish I was shorter, or Stinkface was taller (it looks better in pictures)
-I wish I had less breast and more ass
-I would strip
-I hate this place aka work
-I lotion my body like once a month. lol
-I like them chubby cause what my chubby ass look like with someone skinny
-I have slight self-esteem issues
-I am jealous of my brothers and sister. I have no full brother or sister like they do. I grew up alone too and it kind of bothers me
-I miss the creamy crack... aka my perm
-I am not going to church or praying like I should be
-I wish I could be a party person but I am not built for it
-I want a weave bad but I really feel a way about fake hair... it bothers me.
-I want to have a baby now
-I am lazier than I would like to admit
-I want to get laid off so I can get unemployment and go to school full time and watch Maury
-I could really use a wish right now
-I cry daily
-I miss my father like I lost him yesterday (and I never met him once) RIP David Alexander Swift
-I will do anything in my power not to turn into my mother
-I get depressed when I think of my life. I wanted to do so much more by now
-I would get plastic surgery if I had the money
-I would kill for my friends
-I would marry Method Man with all his problem (with his sexy 39yr old self)
-I need to appreciate the people in my life more (those reading this... I appreciate YOU)
-I wish I had a time machine

I cant think of anymore. But I will edit an add as they come along

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Side Note...

Please don't think I am not Blessed because of my previous post. I have a job, my soulmate, a roof over my head, amazing family, amazing friends... Just cause I expect the worst doesn't mean I don't know it could be worse

So like I said, I know I am blessed, I just don't EXPECT that I have to be... which is probably where people's relationship with God go wrong

If you Always Expect the Worst, Your Never Disappointed...

I am a worry wort. Those who know me and are reading this are nodding their heads. Like I am a W.OR.R.Y W.O.R.T. I don't impulse buy things I have never tried... I will Google the sh*t out of some reviews. My favorite line is "I can't [insert random activity here], I have a 401k" keep your mouth shut Tiff. I also worry about getting disappointed. Anyone who knows me , knows I may have a sharp tongue, and will curse you out in .16274889274673 seconds, but I do it with a smile. I am a generally happy and upbeat person. However, disappointment kills me. Hurts me like I can't explain. Brings tears to my eyes which isn't saying much since I cry at coffee commercials. So in this life, I don't expect much from people other than myself...

Someone asked me the other day how can I consider myself upbeat and optimistic, when I assume the worse in every case scenario. My answer was that's the exact reason I am those things, cause disappointment hardly affects me. In a world, where banks loose thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye, jobs are lost without any warning, and best friends only call you when they want something from you but not to check and see how you doing since they know your sick...


...why expect anything. Its a waste of time and energy. I would rather prepare for the worse and be content with it and then happily surprised, than to expect something, build my hopes, then be devastated. *ye shrug*

IE- Taking nearly $80K in loans, to go to college, to get a degree, to be unemployed, to work as a supervisor at CVS (which is where you were working when you STARTED college), to still have to pay them mother f*cking loans on the same salary you would be getting if you didn't have that degree...

The sad part is I am still playing myself. I only expect things from me... when sometimes I am not better than the people I force myself not to expect sh*t from. I am human, so I got tired and skipped a few classes and had to stay my dumb ass in school an extra semester. I just had to act like I was in a Fabolous video and "throw it in the bag" and "threw it on my card", knowing I ain't got it. So I f*cked the money up and they "threw it on my credit score". I am supposed to be on this wedding diet, but my ass keep eating the orgasmic Cosi bread so I am looking more like a Light Skin Precious then a 25yr old version of Stacy Dash (who is FYI the reason I eventually always put highlights back in my hair). I don't know why I trust me not to disappoint myself. I probably have disappointed myself the most out of everyone and everything in the world. I am more accountable to everyone else than I am to myself because I know that not everyone has my outlook on life, and I don't want to be the one to disappoint them...

I tried to do the positive energy in the world (ie: The Secret and such), but I don't think I did it right probably cause I didn't want to get disappointed, and assumed it wouldn't work. FYI- This post wasn't to try and solve a problem. I don't see it as a problem. Its a blog so I wrote what the f*ck I feel.

But I guess I am a hypocrite cause I dead ass can't expect to be the best me possible when I expect the worst out of myself... right?

P.S. Shout Out to the people who expect everything out of life. That sh*t is hard and tiring, and take a strong and annoyingly happy person to do so. Sinclair Drake voice

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dont Judge Me...

Yeah, I changed the title, and the domain address. I am indecisive, and When I want things different, I change them too bad that only comes to materialistic things and not my career or financial situation

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What About Your Friends...

Circa 1992, is dead ass my FAVORITE TLC song ever... I used to still get dumb hype when it played. Never understood my infatuation until I got older. Good friends, sh*t good associates, are hard to come by. I have some of the most amazing group of friends the United States The universe has to offer... I have no doubt in my mind that whateva goes down in my life... I won't be going down alone.

What brings this on you say? My soon to be husband who is happens to be pissing me off today but I digress has a friend whose 16 yr old niece went down to Florida to visit her friend taking summer classes at some random college down there, got drugged and gang raped. When Stinkface (dont judge me for bestowing him this name but keep it in your memory for future reference)told me this, I was in complete shock and awe. After the initial and mandatory question of "is she ok?" My next one was, "Where the f*ck was her friend?". To which his reply was.."Not with her"

Now, this bring me back to my statement before. I got some great damn friends. If this was 16yr old Ms_She, you think anyone of my friends would of left me alone. If I decided I wanted to be a little promiscuous, then whoever I was there with either pulling my fast ass out or we whoring together (not saying his friends niece is a whore, I am just trying to make a point). Friends dont leave friends up sh*t creek without a paddle, they help them row that mother f*cker with their hands.

This brings me to another incident that happened at my college after I graduated. Long story short, homegirl couldn't fight and got cut by the other girl she INITIATED the fight with, and her friends huddle around, and did nothing but take her to the hospital (while still a good gesture, not the point of the lesson)... Now there are some things that are wrong with this picture...

-Why start a fight if you KNOW you can't fight?
-#MsSheLifeLesson- Don't fight ugly people, they have nothing to loose (I dont know what the non cut girls face looked like, just threw that in there)
-#MsSheLifeLesson- If said fight does go down, don't be the only one bleeding

Now as a 25 year old, semi professional woman, I dont like to fight. I actually avoid it at all cost. If need be necessary, I will turn in Shaniqua from the hood without a second thought. As I said before, my friends are the family I choose, and I shed blood for my blood.

Now the point... Choose your friends wisely. And don't be the bullsh*t friend I blog about.

Also, please pray for this 16 year old girls recovery, both mentally and physically.

S/O to the homegirls....

Friday, June 11, 2010

So I guess I blog now...

So its 9:28pm on Friday June the 11th, but I guess you knew that since these blog things come with time stamps. *ye shrug* On my twitter account... I have a trending Topic every once in a while called "MsSheLifeLessons" and some people I suggest using a medium that allows more than 140 characters to voice what I'm thinking. I dont claim to be a writer, or some type of prophet that has all the answers. I am a 25yr old NYC black or something like it female. I got my Bachelors in Marketing from Temple University (TU you mother f*cker), a wonderful man fiance`and I was never the cute girl all the guys want. I was the "homegirl" for lack of a better term... which never bothered me since I been in a relationship (I will never use the term "wifed up" cause if I am not good enough to just be your official wife... I dont want to be gassed with frivolous titles like "wifey") for the past 7 years. In my 25 years, I have blossomed from the doofy towering quiet homegirl who didn't stick up for herself to the (still towering) woman who now has a slight problem misconception of what to hold back. I have been called "ignorant" "mean" "rude" because I give my honest opinion when people ASK for it. oh well...

This is not going be the next VSB (if you haven't, check out, I really love that damn blog)or a place for poetic insights and a tease of words to bring you to places of deep thought (for that check out my ex-roomie who I very well think is going to be the next Terry McMillian, or the Lauryn Hill of writing... T Lloyd blog this is just a place where I can write (which I used to do heavy but I had to grow up and most grown up fun is not mentally stimulating) and those who want to read it can read it and hopefully enjoy

If you gonna be here and reading this you might as well know a few things about of me...

-First and foremost... I would rather be hated for honest than liked for being a liar
-I HEART Nicki Minaj...
-I am allergic to kiwis
-I don't like scallops unless they grilled
-Im scared of elevators
-and Pigeons
-and spiders
-and vomit
-and well... I won't get carried away... if I look like I'm going to run just dont bring it close
-My friends are the family I choose... and I will shed blood for my blood

That's it for now... Let's see if I remember if I even have this thing by tomorrow...